Waterski / Wakeboard

Waterski & Wakeboarding

If you have not tried going on water skiing holidays, this is about time you give it a try. Water skiing at Makronissos beach is perhaps one of the best ways to relax and unwind from the everyday stress you get from the workplace. Surely, you will find this interesting and really fun!

Here at Makronissos beach for more than 20 days a month until about half past ten (10:30) every morning we have lake like conditions. This means perfect environment for water-ski.

For this reason we are equipped with all-levels of  HO water-skis and JOBE wakeboards. You can choose from a variety of three speedboats for your ride of which, one caries a wakeboard pole and the other two make a very small wake for slalom skiers.

Our capable instructors are always there to teach you the basics in the case of your first attempt on the sport. You will also find them wiling to give you any special tips for your gradual improvement. Who knows… you may be the next champion but in any case you will definitely enjoy the experience.