If you can sit, you can fly

All though many people consider Parasailing to be an extreme sport it is not. Parasailing is actually very relaxing and should be viewed as a leisure activity. No experience is needed and you do not need to do any work. The only thing we recommend is to relax sit back and enjoy the ride while we do all the work for you.

A site to behold

The view from about 80 meters up of Makronissos Beach and the coast line of Ayia Napa is a site to behold. It ‘s been long since the time when parasails could hardly carry one person. Today’s modern equipment guaranties safe flights with upto 5 people at the same time. This means that you could enjoy your flight along with friends or famlily as well.

Our custom built Parasailing boat is 35ft in length, your friends and family can join you on the boat while you are up in the air. They can take pictures and film your ride, while you are enjoying the view. If you want you can even take your own camera and get some excellent footage.

You will be impressed with the smooth take off and landing from the boat as well as the boats seafaring capabilities.

However you feel about Parasailing one thing you can be certain of is the 35 years of experience we have in flying parasails. We were one of the first to offer this experience to the people of Cyprus at the time where the take off was from the beach and the landing was in the water!

Feel assured that we have never had any serious injuries to clients or personnel in all the years we have been flying parasails a statistic that we are very proud and grateful of.