Jet Skis

Yamaha VX Sport Jet Skis

What could be a more thrilling way to jumpstart your holiday in Cyprus than to engage in the exciting world of watersports adventures brought to you by the team from Makronissos Watersports, the premiere watersports company in Ayia Napa!

If you love speed and the thrill of knifing through the waves astride your jetskis and speedboats then you have certainly come to the right people who share the same passion for watersports adventures. Check out the latest additions to our group!

Our new toys, the all new YAMAHA VX SPORT are here for all speed addicts who want to have the latest machines under their feet. These powerfull PWCs can provide more andrenaline that most of us could handle…. or unless you just drive the safe way….

Power through the waves

To accelerate the Jet Ski a hand controlled throttle is used, the more you squeeze the throttle the faster you go! Want to let off some steam? Or do things you can never do in your everyday life? Then a jet ski ride gives you the opportunity to do the kind off stuff you cannot do while driving to work!

No need to hit the brakes because of traffic, no speed limit so you do not have to slow down and with the sea as your playground experience the adrenalin rush of no bars fun. When you want to stop just let go of the throttle, it couldn’t be any simpler.