Have a fun and thrilling time with your friends and family at very reasonable prices. We have a range of towables for your enjoyment these include

The Flyfish
Top end speeds, experience the feeling of reaching to the sky. What else can we say? It is the absolute action packed towable since it offers so many different types of thrills in just one ride.

The Banana Boat
As you are already at the beach why not have a fun ride and enjoy the sea as it should be enjoyed by getting wet. The Banana Boat ride is one of the best choices for the whole family. It can carry up to 8 people so you can all enjoy the thrill of bouncing on the small waves and cutting the corners on a giant yellow and red banana!

You can smell it, you can taste it and now you can even ride on it. You can go as fast as you like or slow as you like. The decision is up to you, all you have to do is shout at the driver and tell him what you want.

If you are afraid of falling into the water then hold on tight, though staying dry is more often not an option. Whatever your concerns you can feel safe knowing that you will be wearing an EU certified life jacket at all times.

Mono/Duo Rings
We have towables from well known brands such as O’Brien ,H.O and Crazy Shark. The type of rings we have chosen are designed to have better manoeuvrability and a more extreme water ‘fit’.

The duo rings are designed for two people seeking the adventure of being whizzed behind a speed boat together. This participation has the added dimension of surprise as you can see the look on the face of your pal who is seated next to you. Classic entertainment.